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link blog here. Make a very thoughtful long descriptive blog post about each costume.

2015 Happy Gilmore – DNP (Maloney’s), DNP (Funky Town)
2014 The Ghostbusters – 1st (Maloney’s), 1st (Riot Room), 2nd (PBR Bar), 1st (The Quaff), Honorable Mention (Planet Comicon KC 2015)
2013 The Three Stooges – 2nd (Funky Town), 2nd (Brooksider), 1st (Denim & Diamonds)
2012 The Munsters (In Black & White) 1st (Funky Town), 1st (Brooksider), 1st (Shark Bar), Runner Up (Chipotle National Contest)
2011 Weekend at Bernie’s – 1st (Funky Town), 1st (Brooksider), 1st (Bistro 303)
2010 Vanilla Ice vs MC Hammer – 1st (Lew’s), 2nd (The Well), Finals (Brooksider)
2009 Forrest Gump & Lt. Dan – 1st (Funky Town), 1st (Danny’s), 1st (Red), 1st (Private Party)
2008 Milli Vanilli – 1st (Funky Town), 1st (Private Party)
2007 Dr. Evil, Mini Me & the Giant Laser – 1st (Orlando’s 21), 1st (Denim & Diamonds), 2nd (Mickey’s)
2006 Pee Wee Herman & Bike – 1st (Orlando’s 21), 1st (America’s Pub), 2nd (Funky Town), Finals (Blonde)
2005 Batman, Riddler & Crew – Finals (Orlando’s 21), Finals (America’s Pub)
2004 A Night at the Roxbuy (SNL) – Finals (Orlando’s 21), Finals (American Bandstand)
2003 Popeye & Olive Oil – 1st (Funky Town), 1st (Woody’s), 1st (Private Party), 3rd (The Hurricane)
2002 Scooby Doo & the Gang – Finals (Funky Town), Finals (Danny’s)
2001 Indiana Jones – DNP