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Costume Description

The Munsters costume was super fun, it was truly The Munsters guys night out for three nights. Herman Munster, Eddie Munster and Grampa Munster. This was pretty involved costume with Herman’s 6 inch foam platform boots, eddies doll Wolfie, and all the makeup required! We had to start applying make up and gray paint 3-4 hours before we went to the bars.

Contest Results

1st Place
1st Place
Funky Town
1st Place
Shark Bar P&L

Costume Cast:

Tom Randel:
Jon Dunn:
Eddie Munster
Chad Mitchel:
Herman Munster


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Favorite Memories

I had a blast as Eddie Munster, got to play a 12 year old boy. Getting into trouble with my dad and granpa was priceless.

Jon Dunn