Beetlejuice Handbook Accessories


  1. FLYER – Betelgeuse Bio-Exorcist Flyer that falls out of the book  – You get 1 flyer (Screen accurate)
  2. BUSINESS CARDS x3 – Betelgeuse Bio-Exorcist Business Cards – You get 3 cards (Screen accurate)
  3. MAITLAND HARDWARE Business Card
  4. JUNO the Caseworker Business Card
  5. LYDIA DEETZ – School ID Card
  6. POLAROID – Polaroid photo Lydia took in the movie – You get 1 (Screen accurate)
  7. OBITUARY – Obituary torn out of The Afterlife Newspaper Beetlejuice was reading (torn edges look, as Screen accurate as possible)
  8. NUMBER – Waiting room number that Beetlejuice takes from the Head Shrinker (Numbers match movie)
  9. INCANTATION – Otho reads in the movie

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