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Costume Contests

The Terminator 2 – 2018

Costume Description

Terminator was a fun adventure.  With all cast members loving the movie it was un acting out the movie.  Tom created long metal arms out of foam core for the T-1000.  He put a red LED into sunglasses for Chad playing Arnold S. AKA t-800 and Jon played John Connor.

Tom figured Jon could handle the task of making a terminator arm and hand out of dowel rods.  Jon accepted the challenge and within two weeks had a pretty good looking terminator arm.

Contest Results

1st Place
Up/Down Arcade
2nd Place
Funky Town
Didn’t Place
Comicon KC

Costume Cast:

Tom Randel
T-1000 Liquid Metal Terminator
Chad Mitchel:
Arnold S. AKA T-800 Terminator
Jon Dunn:
John Connor


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Favorite Memories

I had a blast telling Arnold S. AKA T-800 Terminator what to do in front of people. Like Terminator stand on one foot, Terminator pick me up, Terminator flirt with that girl.

Jon Dunn