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Costume Contests

Weekend at Bernie’s

Costume Description

We did the Weekend at Bernie’s Movie Costume as a group of three. It was fairly easy as no special make up was required and we found the clothing at thrift stores pretty quickly.  Our friend Jon was good at playing Bernie.  He hardly ever broke character from being dead.  He is big adrenaline junkie and isn’t afraid of getting hurt.  So when we propped him up agaist a pole and left him he’d eventually fall flat on his butt without hardly bracing for impact.  So it really look like he wad dead.  In fact we dragged him out of our car and posted him up on a post in front of a huge line of people waiting to get into the club.  He eventually fell over and one person from the line actually thought something was wrong and went up to him and said oh my god are you alive?  He said shhh yes I’m fine this is part of our act.

Contest Results

1st Place
1st Place
Funky Town
1st Place
Bistro 303

Costume Cast:

Tom Randel
Larry Wilson
Jon Dunn:
Chad Mitchel:
Richard Parker


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Favorite Memories

I had so much fun playing dead! It did take some work just letting my body relax and letting my friends drag me around without me helping at all. The time when the person thought I was really dead and later found out that they actually called the police!

Jon Dunn