Marty Mcfly SET – Small


This is heavy doc! Check out this retro Marty Mcfly costume! Size Small
This is composed of real clothes, not cheap thin cloth or vinyl junk!

  • Hoverboard Replica: 1/2″ thick – 27 5/8″ long – 7 5/8″ wide. (NEW) Hoverboard is solid MDF wood underneath 2-piece adhered high rez print. Very small seam visible on both sides.
  • Outatime License Plate: Novelty high rez print on hard paper board (not water proof). (NEW)
  • Grays Sports Almanac: High rez print mag cover over a recycled magazine. (NEW, Used Mag)
  • Save the clock tower blue flyer, Your fired! fax, Family photograph with brother’s head disappearing. (NEW)
  • Flux capacitor sketch from Dr. Brown, 5×7 Mary & Doc old west photo, Lou’s Cafe 1985 letter and env . (NEW)
  • Portable Radio “Walkman” Emerson Brand and headphones. (USED-Emereson Radio does not work)
  • Black Suspenders: One Size Fits All (USED)
  • Red Shirt Small (USED)
  • White Lined Shirt: (long sleeve) Small (USED)


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