Stranger Things Eleven Costume Kit

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  • HNL name badge ID Card with clear holder/metal clip
  • Vintage Eggo waffle box FLAT printout on 1/4″ foam core (10×5, dbl sided)
  • Eggo waffle FLAT prints (4 waffles, dbl sided)
  • Photo of Barb and the Demogorgon (8×10)
  • Will Byers flyer and newspaper clipping
  • MK Ultra Exposed article from micro fish archives
  • Eleven stick figure drawing from HNL labs

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3 reviews for Stranger Things Eleven Costume Kit

  1. scifijon2001

    Cool netflix tv show props for my collection and cosplay costume.

  2. ranker1699

    Nice prints, high quality.

  3. Elizabeth24

    Great seller! Awesome items, shipped right away. Not at mouth breather! ha

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